You have to remember that it depends on how much you weigh now and how much weight you want lose or gain. Individuals lose or gain weight at different rates. A person’s work efficiency, effort, consistency, diet, age, metabolic rate, and people who have more fat will lose weight faster than people with less fat.

The welcome ceremony came after a long gestation. A key step along the way had been the campus visit in 2010 of Adm. Mike Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was a rainy October morning when a tiny, four week old kitten was spotted, wet, muddy, and huddling against a building for warmth. She is one of the community cats in Cranbrook’s cat colonies. Fortunately, she was scooped up by BC SPCA staff and brought into a warm foster home.

Friday Oct. 18: “NANOOK OF THE NORTH” the 1922 documentary film with live soundtrack of Inuit throat singing, welcomed by traditional drumming and dance Tanya Tagaq (Cambridge Bay, NU) Jesse Zubot (Britannia Beach, BC) Jean Martin (Vancouver, BC) W Mah (Kingston, ON) Cindy Scouten, Donnalyn Neil, Brodrick Gabriel, Paul Carl (Kingston, ON)Sunday Oct. 20: “ORGANIC SYNTHESIS” analog synthesizers and video art, inspired by the ’70s German Kosmische musik and ’90s electro.

I just have one problem with Leggs hosiery, and it’s not the fault of the company. The problem is this: no matter how many stores I go to, I can never seem to find the size or style that I need. I can search all I want, but if the store’s out of stock, then I’m out of luck..

Barbara Engelbart and the Leduc Nisku Economic Development Association (LNEDA) are getting back to basics.The group, which aspires to advocate for and provide assistance to all industry in the Leduc County area, has had a rough recent history, but with new leadership and a refocused vision, it hoping to recapture its role on the vanguard of business development, attraction and retention in Leduc County.The new leadership has arrived in the form of Engelbart, the LNEDA new executive director. Engelbart started in the position in August of 2013, and in the seven months since she began has been about the work of bringing the LNEDA back to its economic roots.I first came into the organization I was amazed by how dynamic the region was and how much passion there was for growing the region, and just knew we needed an organization that was as innovative and passionate as everyone else was, said Engelbart, who earned a bachelor of commerce in marketing and international business from the University of Alberta, and has history in both the private and public sectors, having worked as an entrepreneur in the 1990s and in provincial government and other areas since then.The LNEDA, which has been active since 1984, has had a tough year and a half, with the sudden resignation of its former executive director, Gail Scott, in January 2013, as well as the departure of several smaller municipalities from membership in the body before that.EDA went through growing pains. It a 30 year old organization and like most organizations it has its ups and its downs.