I rock a pair of Ray Ban 51mm Clubmasters in tortoise shell.I also had trouble determining my face shape too, so I just went for a classic. I have quite a wide head, so the arms of most glasses would typically spread outward if you looked at me from the front.I have a lot of friends with big heads, and I generally find the typical 49mm sunglasses have the same effect on them, but 51mm hasn failed any of them. I picked up a pair last summer for 9 quid and they were great, no one is going to judge you because you don have Ray Ban scribbled across one of the lenses.Why not drop 5/10 quid on three different styles of sunglasses and work out which suits you best and then once you know what you like go and splash on whichever style you like the best.

The Class A Stock event will feature racers from the ages of 8 12, the Class B Stock is for racers age 13 and up and the Class M Modified is for racers aged 8 and up. Pledge and registration forms are available at the Red Cross office. For more information contact Mike at 216 7959..

In 1796 Francis Grose, in his book Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, third ed. Writes that Saint Tibb evening, “is an Irish expression, and means the evening of the last day, as in He will pay you on St. Tibb Eve. The nation’s fast rising major southern cities, such as Houston and Dallas, did not have a presence on the top ten list. Frightening. Government should be in the business of serving the entire country, not enriching itself and its employees in the process.

Andy Pickelsimer of Ooltewah got by Jamie Perry late in the race too, earning the runner up nod to Coffman. Behind Deal at the checkers was 2015 Track Champion Ethan Hunter. Cook in his 53 “A1 Moving Storage Co, Pope Construction Co, PRC” Jay Dickens Capital Racecar dominated with strength over Jamie Perry for the entire 35 lapper..

“When I sat down to watch the movie for the first time at the Zurich film premiere, I didn’t know what to expect. It is a surreal experience to watch a movie about your family, certainly your sister,” Bloom said. “At the end of the movie, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t get up.

The Thunderbolts took the lead at the 24:54 mark of the first half, but the Trojans tied the game up before the break. Northmont scored twice to open the second half, though, once at the 32:53 mark and again with 12:36 left to play for added insurance. The Trojans cut the lead to one with 10:53 to go but could not get the equalizer..

So who is Ken Mercer? His parents, the late Ray Mercer and Millicent Bradbury, were from Bay Roberts. Ken was raised mostly in Ontario, where he’s worked as a cabinet making instructor at a college for 30 years and owns a lumber business. He lives seasonally in Conception Bay North, having built a home on Main Road, Bristol’s Hope..