Was nothing across the highway when I first started here, Kroger said. Was just beginning to get built. I saw a lot of growth. Mark Woll’s parents own one of about 200 cabins on the lake. The family comes up every weekend and every holiday from Warminster, Woll said. “Right now, it’s hard to get on the trails.

Announced with [County Executive] Marc Molinaro an agreement with the Dutchess County Public Transit to cover the cost of Vassar students and faculty who ride on county buses, Bradley said. Show their Vassar ID and then they don have to pay and the college will reimburse the county for all of those rides. We made the decision not just to encourage ourselves to be closer to and allow students to really be in the city and neighboring areas, but also it is sustainable and hopeful we reduce automobile use.

Molinaro convened several meetings of the Shared Service Panel, comprised of local city, town and village executives, as well as representatives from several school districts and BOCES, to develop a plan as mandated by a provision of the 2017 18 New York State Budget. The plan features a broad spectrum of projects including shared salt and paving material purchasing, motor vehicle repair, website development and maintenance, shared court facilities and salt sheds, Drug Task Force efforts, municipal solar farms, consolidation of law enforcement, and much more. The projects range from two municipalities partnering together to county government led projects with multiple local municipalities and school districts partnering in shared services efforts.

Dave’s band, the Nukes are about as in the pocket as you get, and for the power trio setup, they are about as solid as any big band around. Hutto, Elmore James and Hound Dog Taylor. He has also played with his former band, Renegade, on the stage of The Grand Old Opry..

“The Maritime Association of Mutual Insurance Companies’ convention will be held June 3 and 4. I had an invitation to go there. After there the door will always be open. Most guest damage in a vacation rental home is accidental in nature and not intentional or malicious. For instance, Aunt Liz spills red wine on the carpet when she gets excited during charades, a toddler accidentally knocks over a lamp and it breaks, the cousins spill nail polish on a comforter in their pillow fort. When people are on vacation, they tend not to be as careful as they are at home and things just happen.

The Devils didn let up on the pressure, either. Miles McClurg hit a free kick from 50 yards out, and the Viking goalkeeper tried to come out to intercept the ball. But Sauls was there first and headed it in, making the score 3 0 with 20:29 still on the clock in the first half..