Now that you have found a good location for your solar powered spotlight, if you are going to mount it staked, then attach the stake point to the solar spot light and push it into the ground. Try to make sure that the solar powered spotlight’s stake is straight upright, so that the solar spot light is level. Push the solar powered spotlight’s stake firmly into the ground by holding onto the stake, not the top or panel of the solar spot light.

“We held them to just around 100 yards offense for the game and our special teams played lights out as our kicks, fake punt play and holding the Bucks to zero kick return yards were huge parts of the game,” said Wade Waldrop head coach of James Clemens. “We started very quick on offense, but Buckhorn made some adjustments and we couldn’t do much offensively the remainder of the game. But the field position we presented Buckhorn was very crucial.”.

Under the guidelines The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand alone cannabis stores and an online order service. The government says this approach will ensure that there will be only one legal retail distributor for cannabis in Ontario and alcohol and cannabis are not sold alongside each other. Approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened by 2020, including 80 by July 1, 2019, servicing all regions of the province.

“Pitching has been a bright spot, better than I thought it would be,” Laguna Coach Mike Bair said of his team’s success in its first 16 games of the season. “We knew we had a great pitcher in Grant [Wilhelm], but we’ve really had some younger guys step up and do really well on the mound. Zak Kovacic has thrown a lot of games, Will McInerny has been awesome on the mound, and Anthony Norelli has been pretty good coming out of the pen..

Kathleen Wynne has promised new rules for political fundraising in Ontario after a series of news reports revealed just how the cash is changing hands at Queen’s Park. A cool $1,600 a head for a dinner with the premier; ministers personally responsible for raising hundreds of thousands on behalf of the party. In Ontario, it’s beginning to look like “fundraising” means buying access to cabinet..

It also exacerbates or can cause chronic depression and effect the memory if used long term, despite recent usage in PTSD patients. True there are no known cases of death my pot BUT you CAN overdose on it and hallucinate as a result of too much THC. A person should not be driving if this is the case.I see the health benefits for those using cannabis for its CBD properties for non addicts attempting to get themselves off of prescription opiates (leading cause of death in the Nation) and other benefits of CBD under a pain specialist, cannabis doc with ethics or just your primary physicianI think we should pay attention to what Colorado is going through during this period and not re invent the wheelIn my opinion it is Not a wonder drug and it does Not fix everything.