No less. At lunch time each weekday, if I want to be entertained while learning what the newly drawn lottery numbers are, I won go to the lunchroom to watch Linda, I just stroll down to the local gin mill and observe the daytime drinkers all curse, stomp their feet and toss the confetti remnants of their losing lottery tickets into the air while ordering shots of cheap, house brand whiskey. I have to say, there not much funnier than watching guys who are drunk each day by noon witnessing their dreams of financial freedom being crushed to death right there in front of them, on live TV, because they all hung their hopes and dreams for financial security not upon an education or a career but on the lottery.

Christ is the big “C” in my life and not cancer. Christ Jesus has redeemed me from tuberculosis, cancer, progressive wasting of my body, fever, inflammation, and effects of draught, decay, and mildew. Christ Jesus has defeated my enemies and I am completed in Him.

It was reported that Thomas Adams of Reeseville in Clinton County was to celebrate his 100th birthday. The article reported, has been a man of most vigorous and powerful physical organism, being six feet and four or five inches in height, and large, erect frame. Vegetable toilet soaps were advertised for sale all druggists.

Markets. “We believe that convenience stores aren’t convenient enough anymore,” says Ilishayev. Which is why they’ve built technology to carve their delivery time down to 15 minutes in 2017. If you are in recovery, you may have heard of, or seen a certain little green plant making its way around the rooms of your twelve step program. Maybe you have seen a little plant being given as a gift at a sobriety anniversary. Maybe your sponsor has one, or your sponsor’s sponsor.

Bergengren Credit Union staff members, including Sandi Hayne (back, left), Roseanne Hanifen, Margie Glenn, Lorraine MacDonald, Karen Hurst, Carolyn Grant, Joan Chisholm, Pam Chisholm, Stephanie Moran MacDonald, Mary K Barter, Lisa Lawrence, Layla Khalil (front, left) and Dan Hodgins, are preparing for Minnie In Motion A Friendship Walk, which will take place Wednesday, Oct. 16. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society’s Dress for a Cause.

In the end, icc drops a 74 67 decision. Icc visits holmes thursday night. It’s super bowl week in the bold north! the new england patriots arrived in minneapolis today. On Thursday starting at 2:00pm History Comes Alive at the Cheyenne Civic Center. A variety of speakers will talk about Cheyenne’s rich diverse history on this “come and go” agenda in the auditorium. The cost is $5 per individual, children under 10 are free.