The delegation was accompanied by the Principal, Mrs. Myriam Nancy Rivera; Education Assistant, Mrs. Mara Luisa Cruz; and the Head of the Astronomy Workshop, Professor Mara Solange Molina, who referred to the event in the following way: “Attending this ceremony has been a privilege and an unforgettable experience above all on account of what it represents for our schools and for the students attending the workshop, who are all spontaneously motivated and very enthusiastic This is undoubtedly an opportunity to grow and learn though significant experiences, full of moments for play and instances which contribute to learning in all spheres of their formation as a person.

Having graduated from the two year film production program at Confederation College in 2010, Jon is the “technical go to guy” of the pair. While Phoebe wrote the story, Jon shot, edited and directed the film. He showed her how to breakdown the script for shooting.

Employment is another problem. Many police and fire departments refuse to hire bearded men. Apparently men with hair on their faces dont look passive enough to suit the control freaks who make the rules. But perhaps the most valuable aspect of the collection is the actual stories behind the items. For example, there is a wonderful sketch of a nurse, Sister C Murie (who later married Colonel Miller) administering care to a patient in the hospital tent in Borneo in World War 2. The sketch was done by another patient in the hospital and it provides a rare glimpse into the past that evokes the imagination..

The homes are financed through USDA/Rural Development and are available with lower interest rates for lower income households.Part of ownership through the Little Dixie program involves participation by the homeowners, who take part in tasks that include all the painting, staining, caulking, insulating, hanging doors, trim work and clean up after the contractors.”It was a lot of work but it was well worth it,” Tucker said. “Especially after seeing the finished product. The feeling when they said it was done, it was almost as good as the day my wife said yes.”Rachel Bailey, Little Dixie Self Help Housing Group Coordinator, said Little Dixie has built thousands of homes since the program began in the mid 60’s, including several thousand in Oklahoma.”Most of our homeowners could not qualify for a home any other way,” she said.

Applied Biosystems Group, the No. 1 maker of gene sequencing machines, said Friday it will lay off 9 percent of its work force, eliminating about 500 jobs. The company, based in Foster City, Calif., said it would cut 400 regular jobs and 100 contract and temporary workers beginning next month, because it expects many sources of research funding to be canceled or delayed next year, including anticipated federal government grants.