Overton, it is clear you have a bias on this subject and your thoughts should not be considered due to your vicious nature and obvious hatred for the breed. I wonder if it was a Pug that went after your dog would you want to ban and kill all Pugs, get real. Punish the people that don handle or care for their animals, make the punishment much tougher and lasting, don get all puffy and bad a$$.

St. Anthony Hospital adds Amber Purvine, PA C, to St. Anthony Physicians Group Endocrinology. Yet, in a backhanded way the French are perverse enough to treat immigrants in so many ways, as second class citizens. The bigotry in France is legendary. It bespeaks of a people who are devoid of a healthy respect of people who are not native born French.

Ambassador and three other Americans, a report the administration hopes will bolster its assertion that diplomats took all reasonable measures to anticipate and respond to the violence, and end months of finger pointing and recriminations over whether the deaths could have been avoided. Diplomats and intelligence officers alike have testified to the rising risk in Benghazi and growing debate over how to improve security prior to the attack, set against Ambassadors Chris Stevens decision to keep the Benghazi diplomatic post open and even visit there on Sept. 11.

We certainly understand the impact of having a three month closure.To help counteract the pool closure, there are expanded hours and lessons, as well as community events at the Alex Pool for the summer. In the event of poor weather or for those who want the indoor pool experience, the Town of Beaumont is honouring LRC memberships which will give Leduc residents access to the Aqua Fit Centre until aquatic centre reopens.This project is partially funded through a Canada 150 grant. The City of Leduc received $250,000 as part of the federal government’s commitment to spend $150 million to help finance renovations, expansions and rehabilitations for existing infrastructure in honour of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Elk Mound (WQOW) The EPA is targeting emissions from farm and business generators with higher standards beginning this May.”Literally we milking cows 24/7. It backs up and literally doesn stop the operations of milking or anything else,” says Five Star general manager, Lee Jensen.But now the EPA is pulling the plug on the emissions generated by this engine and forcing dairy farms to upgrade, something electric cooperatives compare to buying a new car.”Having a car in your garage that a 2000 model and they saying, before you can drive it again you have to bring it up to 2012 or 2013 or 2014 standards. Grandfathering these things in wouldn have hurt anything,” says Jackson Electric Cooperative general manager, Greg McFarland.This decision effects all customers on the power grid because beginning in May, cooperatives will have less control over peak power events.”More big businesses can pull off the grid, that makes the power company peaks higher, that makes everybody rates higher,” says Jensen.”When we don get an economic benefit we can pass it on to the membership.