Big Brothers Big Sisters matches children ages 6 13 with a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple or Big Family in a community or school based program. Children can enroll in the program through a parent or guardian referral. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver license for the community based program, 16 years old for the school based program..

Claudia Richter has been practicing veterinary medicine in BC’s Lower Mainland for over 10 years. She spent 6 years owning and operating her own veterinary hospital where she focused on creating a modern, community focused, small animal practice. Over her tenure her practice achieved American Animal Hospital Association accreditation, the “gold standard” for veterinary practice medical procedures and management in North America, as well as the introduction of low stress and fear free practice methodologies.

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On August 21, 2016 at about 12:40 am, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer Matthew Wells attempted to stop two individuals in a truck who were spotlighting along Redwood House Road off Highway 36 near Carlotta. Mr. Hof fired a .45 caliber pistol approximately six times in the direction of Officer Wells, who was in his patrol truck.

Lastly, and most importantly, the goaltending was stellar. While I question the overall quality of many of Colorado’s shots and scoring chances, Luongo did make a number of very tough saves over course of the contest. As much as it displeases many in Canucks Nation, Luongo is a part of the team, and therefore, his contributions can’t be ignored in assessing the quality of the win.

“For example, if a person has experience in guiding and fishing, maybe one of their tasks or goals would be to fish but also to learn to give an offering to the community,” Albany said. “Then the community would be using (the fish) for ceremonies, maybe for the Elders, spring feasts, things like that. Another example would be harvesting blueberries, which would go back to the community as well.”.

Fast becoming a much anticipated tradition in the park, GSMA will hold a sale on select merchandise at its Clingmans Dome store location, one of the newest and most popular visitor centers in the park. Sunday, Dec. 1, we’re inviting park visitors to help us celebrate the end of another great year with a Dome blow out sale starting on Thanksgiving Day,” said GSMA Marketing and Membership Director Lisa Duff.