The expected agency announcement is a reaction to intelligence indicating that explosives hidden in the electronic devices are an increasing threat, and it follows months of discussions over extending a ban on laptops. Is stopping short of the complete prohibition that DHS Secretary John Kelly had said was possible. From 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa couldn carry electronic devices larger than mobile phones into the cabin.

Most people have long known that commercial vehicles aren’t allowed. But that doesn’t stop some truckers and other commercial vehicles from sneaking onto the trace and trying to use it as a short cut. Wtva’s mike russell joins us live with more. Brothers Jake and Seth Gargis of Harvest have visited the gym since August. While 19 year old Seth has sustained his overall fitness with six days a week workouts, Jake, 18 a senior at Sparkman High School, has gained 30 pounds of lean muscle weight over the past five months. A nine sight body fat test on Jake has revealed fat has been reduced at each sight by at least seven percent..

From Jan 1. To Nov. 17 of this year, the city has used 17,000 gallons of diesel fuel and $20,000 gallons of regular unleaded fuel. The controversy, which city officials call one of the most intense ever in a local historic preservation district, pits a property owner’s right to privacy against the public’s right to natural and historic resources in this case an unobstructed view of Biscayne Bay. Unlike the land at most other bayside cul de sacs in the city, the 45 by 70 foot plot at the terminus of NE 57th Street is not public land. It was deeded to James Nunnally, the man who developed the residential neighborhood and lived in the house Polakoff and Carver now own.

Q. The Chinese are in an advantageous position here, because Trump is virtually a blank slate on these issues, and they’re in to see him before he has a full senior staff with Asian expertise. Trump is liable to look at these discussions in a narrow bilateral context and think, “we can get along with these guys,” and not see how it affects our allies..

“After what we’ve seen in Virginia and Mississippi, there is no question that this is an election year of change and what happened this week to the Washington establishment will repeat itself in Tennessee,” said Chairman Judd Matheny on behalf of the group of Middle TN Representatives. “The fact that just last week Sen. Alexander voted to support and confirm the person hand picked by President Obama to implement ObamaCare shows us just out of touch he has become.