In comparison, honey is a very thick liquid and can take a long time to pour, so it has a high viscosity. Normal fluids, called Newtonian fluids, change viscosity only when the temperature changes. That is, when honey is warmed up it is easier to pour, but when it is cooled down it is much harder to pour..

But when unfortunate disasters or mishaps do occur, the private enterprise engine will not grind to a complete halt. Burt Rutan and his Scaled Composites team have taken the first steps toward this archetypical dream of exploring the cosmos, and they did it with a fraction of the budget that NASA uses and with a team of 130 or so people to boot. They won the Ansari X Prize by sending a man into space and returning him safely to earth and then they repeated this within two weeks.

Mom did everything she did with excellence whether it was cooking, sewing, or working in her much loved nursing profession. Our mother’s love for her children never wavered from the day we were born to the day she left us. Even though she had to raise her six children basically by herself with very little money, we knew she was always there for us and would have never thought of allowing anyone but her to raise us, even though it was very difficult at times for her.

One of the glands is a chamber that contains the key ingredients needed to make the toxin. The second chamber is a chemical reaction vessel, and one toughened up with materials like chitin, and protected by various wax like materials. This second chamber holds various enzymes that initiate the chemical reaction needed to create the toxin.

When I asked her why she thought people should come see the show she added “As much talent as there is among the older group, the real reason you should see the show is for the hip hop dwarves. They’re the best. I’m lucky enough to teach that class, and it’s amazing seeing what they can do at such a young age.

I live near, and drive by, Green Theory almost daily. The element I see going into and coming out of the store? Silver haired gentlemen driving late model luxury vehicles. Women who would look right at home at Jarbo and Hot Yoga. During the debates, Josh covers the prevailing arguments made by atheists. Regarding the infamous quote by Richard Dawkins, “If you tell me that God created the universe, then I have the right to ask you, who created God?” Josh counters: “Even leaving God out of the equation, I then have a right to turn Mr. Dawkins’ question back ’round on him and ask, ‘If the universe created you, then who created the universe?’ You see, both the theist and the atheist are burdened with the same question of how did things start.