“Your grandfather used to tell me,” Fiddler said, “Samson, never be greedy, but get all you can get for your people. It’s hard to be a leader in your community. I try not to be greedy, but I keep in mind to be positive, remembering we were told to share with our white brothers from across the ocean.

As a result, a company controlled by the communist government of China will be allowed to acquire Calgary oil and gas producer Nexen for $15 billion.But in the same breath, Harper said that state owned enterprises, from China or anywhere else, would no longer be able to buy up a Canadian company active in the oilsands.”When we say that Canada is open for business we do not mean that Canada is for sale to foreign governments,” Harper said.”The government of Canada has determined that foreign state control of oilsands development has reached the point at which further such foreign state control would not be of net benefit to Canada.”From now on, foreign state owned enterprises will be allowed to acquire control of a Canadian oilsands business “only in an exceptional circumstance,” Harper said.Separately, the government also gave the green light to a bid by a Malaysian state owned enterprise, Petronas, to buy Calgary based natural gas producer Progress Energy Resources for about $5.3 billion.”The decision to approve the acquisitions . Sends a positive signal to investors in Canada and around the world,” said John Manley, a former industry minister and now the CEO of the Canadian Council of CEOs. “Canada welcomes foreign investment because it is good for our economy, good for job creation and increases competition, which in turn strengthens productivity.”But federal New Democrats said they were “profoundly disappointed” with the CNOOC deal.

In Williams Lake, 469 sales worth $110.5 million were reported through MLS in 2017, up from 441 sales worth $100.1 million the previous year. Half of the 195 single family homes sold in 2017 sold for less than $244,000. 23 parcels of vacant land, 99 homes on acreage, 28 townhomes, 39 manufactured homes in parks and 48 manufactured homes on land were also sold in 2017.

“Those in Russia who might challenge Putin’s rule will scrutinize the election results for signs of weakness,” said Timothy M. Frye, Marshall Shulman Professor of Post Soviet Foreign Policy and Chair of Columbia’s Political Science Department. He believes that, “given Russia’s stagnant economy, a good bit of Putin fatigue after 18 years in power, and increasing restrictions on political activity, the Kremlin is nervous about the election even as there is little doubt that Putin will win.”.