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Mike you are obviously a human with little intelligence and obviously no heart. If you knew a damn thing about the real shore then you would know that the majority of the people that live in seaside year round are not rich people with million dollar homes. Are there many along the shore? of course.

MABEL MacWILLIAM, nee Stephenson Formerly of Shelburne, Nova Scotia; passed away peacefully in Durham, England, UK, on 1 December, aged 88. Born in 1928 in Sunderland, in northern England, Mabel grew up in the ancient cathedral city of Durham in the years before and during the Second World War. Her father, serving in France, was caught behind enemy lines when the Germans swept through northern France, but he managed to escape via Dunkirk.

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And Barrett, Jeffrey C. And Evans, David and Morris, Andrew P. And Cardon, Lon R. Another customer, Justin Crisler, told us “I don’t really call myself a smoker anymore. I say that I quit smoking because I did. I quit smoking real cigarettes but I am vaping now and I’ll plan to continue that until the urge is gone.” Justin hasn’t had a cigarette in almost four months.

Mary had something to say from day one. She is passionate about her people, the Indigenous People of Australia, and the state of national affairs that affected her people. She was also concerned about the unreconciled history that Australia has to embark on in true spirit of reconciliation, being inclusive with its true history along with the so called white side of history.

Our Fleet department acquires, maintains and disposes vehicles and equipment that City departments use in carrying out their mandate. Fleet maintenance is carried out at the Civic Garage and by third party contractors.Our Fleet department acquires vehicles and equipment through an open bidding process. Acquisitions greater than $75,000 are completed through a tender or request for proposal and they are advertised on Alberta Purchasing Connection.