For the Record Los Angeles Times Tuesday August 8, 1995 Home Edition Part A Page 3 Metro Desk 3 inches; 95 words Type of Material: Correction Gucci watches A story in the July 8 edition of The Times incorrectly implied that businessman Al Litwin manufactured counterfeit Gucci watches and sought to sell them below market value for cash. In fact, Litwin agreed to fill an order for Gucci watches, at a typical wholesale price, for a private investigator who paid with a cashier’s check in 1991. Litwin met with the investigator in a bank, not a restaurant.

“I dived, and the only thing I remember is calling to a friend for help. As best we can figure out, I landed in a trough between the waves. They pulled me out, and my first words were, ‘Am I paralyzed?’ And they said, ‘Don’t worry,’ but it turned out to be an injury to the spinal cord..

Joining the navy can be an exciting, rewarding career or just a first job out of college. For recent graduates considering joining the Navy, Navy loan repayment programs are yet another incentive to enlist. There are a few qualifications students must meet, but those who do will experience a rewarding job with many benefits..

Keep pets inside: Pets who are inside have fewer opportunities to confront trick or treaters. Some pets do well left in a separate room with the radio or television on to mask the sound of fireworks and trick or treaters. Be sure to leave plenty of toys in the room for your pet so that he doesn’t think he’s being isolated as a punishment.

Anyway, Stratford is not exactly a multicultural hotspot. We offer statistics because the alternative is to suggest that Bieber was raised by wolves; heaven forfend. But we remind you about those pesky rumours that Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was initially worried about the fact that Scooter Braun is Jewish.

This to me makes more sense then driving a tank (SUV) which consumes large quantities of fuel and concomitantly contributes to an increase in fuel demand. This increase in fuel demand drives fuel prices upward. With Americans so reliant upon their automobiles, higher fuel prices mean less extra money in their pocket.

The 5 8 Maloney helped lead Assumption to three straight state championships from 2011 13 and was a Kentucky 3 A first team all state pick. In her sophomore season in 2012, Assumption finished 41 2 with a No. 5 national ranking. “It hasn’t stopped us from progressing infrastructure projects as far as we deem high priority as a management team and council, that hasn’t stopped any of that, it’s more we don’t want to miss out on any opportunities so it’s timing,” said Remillard. The province has announced what they intend to do with infrastructure projects to a point but we haven’t received our confirmation of what infrastructure projects we’d have available to us from a federal perspective. So it’s very difficult for us to budget; the other part of it is we have some reserves now so if something does become available as council deems fit, we do have some flexibility to go after external infrastructure funds if they become available.”.