Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has made it clear he won sign laws that place restrictions on guns. In a video posted on his social media accounts, Bevin said the problem of gun violence in schools and elsewhere is rooted in violent movies and music lyrics that desensitize young people to the tragedy of death..

The mission of Sculpture Tour is to create an interactive community Sculpture Tour to beautify the heart of downtown sidewalks. “Visitors find personal meaning within each of the sculptures, which have inspired countless photographs, public presentations, and stories,” said Ben Richgruber of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council. ECRAC, up until recently, had partnered with Sculpture Tour to provide administrative support..

About Wyoming State BankWyoming State Bank is also a locally owned independent bank chartered in 2006 in Laramie, Wyo. The bank is owned by First Wyoming Bancorporation with local shareholders. In addition to Laramie, there are two locations in Cheyenne, Wyo.

Now the sprawling suburban office park that houses one of the world’s most famous companies is about to get even bigger and better. Google Inc. Is preparing to break ground on a 42 acre campus called Bay View that promises to elevate the pampering of its hard driving, type A workers to a whole new level.

Preference shall be given to students majoring in the Penn State Altoona Business Major Accounting option.William J. Castle Trustee ScholarshipConsideration for this scholarship shall be given to all undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State Altoona with demonstrated financial need. Preference shall be given to students majoring in the Penn State Altoona Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology program.Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to all full time students graduating from Blair County High Schools and planning to enroll at Penn State Altoona.

In the heel and Toe movement, a rapid step, partners face front for eight counts. At left, Mario and Floria, at right: Irene and Vernon Castle. The “Bunny Hug” starts with left foot walk eight counts and kick back with bright legs at even balance on the eighth count.

If approved by voters, the University of North Carolina Wilmington will receive $66 million for a new Health and Human Services/Nursing building. The new building will house the College of Health and Human Services, including the Center for Healthy Communities; existing academic programs in health and applied human sciences, nursing, clinical research and social work; and related labs and classrooms. This new state of the art facility will offer technology equipped classrooms, laboratories, faculty and student support space, and related infrastructure necessary for 21st century education for health professions.